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What’s your snot’s viscosity?

I used to think that my nose only dripped in cold temperatures or if I was sick, but ever since I started being more active, I discovered that it runs ALL THE TIME. I thought it would stop or at least slow down; maybe when it gets hot out, or if I work out in doors.  No.  I’ve finally reconciled the fact that my nose drips copiously; not only when I’m cold, but when my heart rate is up beyond the veg-out-TV-zombie rate that I am used to.  If exercise makes you forever young, then I might as well be 9, at the rate my mucus flows.  The activity really doesn’t seem to matter; if I’m working, it’s running.

The finest inkLast week, it occurred to me that sometimes it’s thicker than others. When running outside, it just sort of crystallizes on my upper lip…like a jewel (That’s how I imagine it looks). But when swimming, it seems to be almost thick enough to print with it.


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  1. Mom

    Ok you little “snot” what’s new this week? Looking for another drawing of something interesting – one of Mason’s socks? Nose bubbles?

    February 19, 2011 at 6:58 pm

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