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The Latest Hiatus

Laura Lunging

This month has been a difficult one to keep up with.  I started off riding my bike to work on March 1st–for the first time this calendar year, and then wrecked on a giant ice patch on my way home.  It bruised both my hip and my motivation to do very much more beyond that.  That mixed with some overtime at work ensured that I did little of anything for a while.   I would contend that the stressful times are the ones when a person really needs to get out there and blow off some steam,  but those are the times when I really just want to check out all together.  And I did.  If it weren’t for my work-out buddy, Laura, I’d not have done any more  than I absolutely had to on any given day. This post is my most recently abandoned sketch of friend Laura executing a ridiculous set of lunges–holding 20 or 30 pounds.


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