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5k accomplished in Minneapolis and 11 other cities

I asked Facebook friends and family to participate in this event, and 18 people representing 11 US & NZ cities agreed to travel 5 kilometers however they wish.  I hope you enjoy reading comments here and in the April 4th post  from evryone who participated as much as I do! Yeah, you guys are awesome!

Saturday the 9th, one of my work-out buddies, Laura, and I ran our 5k around Lake Calhoun (3.1 miles in circumference).  Laura, ever so faithful, showed up to run sick. 

I was excited about the run, not only because of the 5k, but also because only one week ago, the lake was still covered in snow and ice thick enough to host people parasailing (or whatever the ice version is called).  Today, there is open water, and dark ice that will be gone long before next weekend.  This winter was one of Minnesota’s snowiest on record, so the signs of spring are welcomed now maybe more than usual (except for the flooding part).

Below are before, during, and after photos of Laura and me at the lake.

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  1. On Saturday April 8th, we ran 5k across gravel roads near Good Thunder, MN, with two beautiful black standard poodles in tow. There were no sounds in the dreary morning air except the sounds of our footsteps hitting the crushed rock. Gretta (poodle #2) set the pace, racing towards all sorts of springy smells. Edward (poodle #1) played it cool, dragging my husband David into the ditch to take a closer look at what the spring thaw had left behind.

    The pace was slow, but the benefit was great. We looked around and once more appreciated the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the way that running makes us feel immersed in it.

    April 10, 2011 at 2:06 pm

  2. NaDeen F. Jackson

    I love your drawings! So fun!

    Miles for Smiles was a pretty poorly run 5K, but A) it’s their 2nd Annual and B) it is run by UNM college students. The wind was wicked, and they started the race 1 hr 20 min later than most of us expected. On the plus side I did shave a minute off my last time, and I made a friend named Trisha who did it in 29 minutes. By looking at her, you wouldn’t expect her to book it like that. Time to register for three more races.

    Lovin’ Tracey! Hi Mason!


    April 10, 2011 at 3:17 pm

  3. Terrence Robertson

    Southern Heat 5K

    Hey everyone. Today’s 5K was pretty challenging for me. There’s an old ’90s singer that has a lyric that goes, “my mind is telling me no but my body is telling me yes…” Well, try the other way around for me and this 5K today. I got on the road at about 6 p.m. It was 85 degrees and pretty humid for an Atlanta spring day. As I began to run, I felt a pleasant breeze, and it wasn’t long before my mind was consumed with the experience. Bright green trees, beautiful budding pink and yellow flowers, and a big bright southern sun! I feel blessed to have health in my body and the ability to journey in this manner. See ya…


    April 10, 2011 at 11:44 pm

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