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The wayside is full of all the things that have fallen by it, including that previously passing wagon that I fell off of.  (Um, didn’t that sentence just end in a double preposition?)

Our first DIY add

Our first DIY add with DIY logo & flyer design

In any case, all this clutter has forced a refocusing onto the husband’s latest efforts, thus supplanting drawings about fitness, and fitness for drawings.  For his brand new business, I slapped together a webpage with “web builders for dummies” software, a “logo,” and flyers that we distributed in the hopes of drumming up some business soon. 

 Up until reality’s arrival, I’d fantasized about all the experimenting and consulting I was going to do to come up with an amazing logo that everyone would be drooling over, that would perfectly represent Mason and his new business to a tee.  Hmph!

It’s not perfect, but it will do in a pinch–namingly, this one.  So here we go on our new adventure, and I will be blazing our trail across the DIY marketing and development landscape, without a clue about what I’m doing.


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