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5k accomplished in Minneapolis and 11 other cities

I asked Facebook friends and family to participate in this event, and 18 people representing 11 US & NZ cities agreed to travel 5 kilometers however they wish.  I hope you enjoy reading comments here and in the April 4th post  from evryone who participated as much as I do! Yeah, you guys are awesome!

Saturday the 9th, one of my work-out buddies, Laura, and I ran our 5k around Lake Calhoun (3.1 miles in circumference).  Laura, ever so faithful, showed up to run sick. 

I was excited about the run, not only because of the 5k, but also because only one week ago, the lake was still covered in snow and ice thick enough to host people parasailing (or whatever the ice version is called).  Today, there is open water, and dark ice that will be gone long before next weekend.  This winter was one of Minnesota’s snowiest on record, so the signs of spring are welcomed now maybe more than usual (except for the flooding part).

Below are before, during, and after photos of Laura and me at the lake.

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In the spirit of “Let’s hurry it up and move on,” this “sexy swimmer” is getting posted so I can hurry up and move on.  Not quite a horrendous drawing, but enough where I’m ready to call it quits and get going to the next thing.  Worldwide 5k or bust!!

Tonight’s swim at Master’s was great.  I got 1800 meters done in a little over an hour.  Much better than usual.  AND, the shed band-aid (you know the one I mean) lied solemnly in our lane’s deep end tonight; it’s a sight I never stop relishing, not even after 72 passes.

Square one. . . and two, and three, and. . .

Couch potato

The big vice--eating and drinking in front of the boob-tube

I’ve been really excited about this blog all week; trying to think up what the next post should be about–but even bigger, what my first practice illustration should be about, how I should make it, and how long I should spend on it.  How much is too much, and how do I keep that balance between a good challenge and setting myself up for failure…

So back to square one, this is the step I’ve been at and abandoned a number of times over the past five years.  This is the same step I was at with the dirty sock drawing last November (the 1 drawing a day idea), which, in reality, became  the one drawing, that one day idea.

This week’s post/s is about that one simple pleasure that I spend way too much time doing and will gladly forfeit any amount of exercise, socializing, you name it, to do–that’s parking it in front of the tube, enjoying food and drinks.  I’d do this all day everyday if I could–but without the side effects like guilt.

This watercolor image is obviously in progress. I spent around three hours on it last night, plus dinner and tv time.  I’m pleased with my progress on it, inspite of the aparent defects that are developing.  I expect to spend another 3 hours on it and move on to the next thing.