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In the spirit of “Let’s hurry it up and move on,” this “sexy swimmer” is getting posted so I can hurry up and move on.  Not quite a horrendous drawing, but enough where I’m ready to call it quits and get going to the next thing.  Worldwide 5k or bust!!

Tonight’s swim at Master’s was great.  I got 1800 meters done in a little over an hour.  Much better than usual.  AND, the shed band-aid (you know the one I mean) lied solemnly in our lane’s deep end tonight; it’s a sight I never stop relishing, not even after 72 passes.


Sink or Swim?

Sink or swim?

Drawing in progress!

Well, I didn’t quite make my 1 week deadline on this drawing.  I gave myself a hand full of challenges with it, and they didn’t take long to kick in.  This will be my first of colored pencil drawings, and since the subject matter is a self-portrait in swim gear with no plan for anything but my head, it may get out of hand pretty quickly. It’s turning around, however, so if I stick it out, the worst it will be is a completed drawing. Right?

Master Blaster

Well, tonight was good fun at Master’s Swimming.  Sounds like a powerful gathering of skilled athletes, doesn’t it? It could be true for part of the group, but for this swimmer, well there is a bit to be desired.  But the good news is that I keep challenging myslef, learn more about how to swim better incase I ever decide to do it one day, meet new people, and swim with old friends. 

Tonight’s swim was adorned with two very special honors. 1) My friend Laura joined the group, and 2) My blister from the Winter Run popped and peeled in the pool.  Victory is mine!