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Off the wagon


A print can be yours for a donation to my organization. All new donations will be matched by the Biggelow Foundation.

I have totally fallen off the wagon.  Not just the art-wagon, but the everything-wagon.  I won’t bore you with a long list of all the things I haven’t gotten around to, but instead, I will shamelessly tout the little bit of progress that I have managed over the last two weeks, and I will milk it for all that it is worth.

 My organization is doing it’s second annual fundraiser for tenants rights in June–a very fitting Treadmill-a-thon relay for renters rights in Minnesota.  The sweet part is that it will be streamed live online.   I am going to do a live relief printing demo while on the treadmill, and I will be giving prints from the block I use to anyone who donates to me here.  I don’t know yet if this is the block that I will be using for the demo, but I wanted something visual for my fundraising page.  I put a day and a half cutting as much as you see out of this hunk o’ plywood, and still need to cut out those glorious little treadmills and get the paper off the block.  I think I will add a boarder as well.

If you are clever, I bet you are thinking to yourself, “Hey–that’s gonna print backwards.”  Of course it is.  The image was flipped in Photoshop for your viewing pleasure. Once it is printed, it will read right-way as you see it here.  Only better.


All to’e up

Thanks to everyone who posted what you did for your 5k last week!  I am still excited about your stories–it sounded like there was something positive for everyone who gave it a shot.   

 Here is a drawing of my big toe–it got a purple spot on it during a six mile run back in November. It is still growing out and is getting caught on everything now.  All toe up

One of the most valuable lessons I took from art school is doing timed drawings.  This drawing is the first of what will be many 1 and 2 hour drawings.  This one was fairly easy, since it is a pretty monolithic object, so I didn’t have to exercise much thought or effort with it today,  although the colored pencils will take some time to get used to.  Hopefully, I’ll get better at building up color with them.

5k accomplished in Minneapolis and 11 other cities

I asked Facebook friends and family to participate in this event, and 18 people representing 11 US & NZ cities agreed to travel 5 kilometers however they wish.  I hope you enjoy reading comments here and in the April 4th post  from evryone who participated as much as I do! Yeah, you guys are awesome!

Saturday the 9th, one of my work-out buddies, Laura, and I ran our 5k around Lake Calhoun (3.1 miles in circumference).  Laura, ever so faithful, showed up to run sick. 

I was excited about the run, not only because of the 5k, but also because only one week ago, the lake was still covered in snow and ice thick enough to host people parasailing (or whatever the ice version is called).  Today, there is open water, and dark ice that will be gone long before next weekend.  This winter was one of Minnesota’s snowiest on record, so the signs of spring are welcomed now maybe more than usual (except for the flooding part).

Below are before, during, and after photos of Laura and me at the lake.

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Personal bubble

The Securian Winter Run was a lot of fun and a good challenge.  While the course wasn’t quite regulation for a half marathon, it was an experience I think I may try again next year.  I ran the first half alone–how I usually run.  But the second half, I ran with the pace group leader, and we chatted ’til the end, and finished the race with a hug–all of which were firsts for me.  

Stay back hethens, this space is mine!

The benefits of running with a pace group are far greater than I’d ever imagined.  They not only provide you with company, but they are a source of constant feedback on your speed, allowing yourself to run a little harder than you did last time.  You are never left guessing how well you might be doing, because you can see the little balloon with your pace time on it the entire run.  That’s bubble number one.   Bubble number two is the dime sized blister I got right beneath my right big toe.  Also a first for me in a race.  It is a good match for the blood blister and the toe nail that is half  way off as well. All firsts that evidently come with running long distances.  Bubble number three, however, is a usual customer in my life experience. As with many running experiences in public, there was a constant violation of my personal space.  Each time I am out running where others are also running, it forces renegotiation of how I manage my bubble and its constant breaching.  I always hope there will be a day that I can just accept it for what it is, but for now, I still curse, under my breath, every violator of what is closest and most dear to me.